Our new building

August 7, 2018


Our New Building

December 16, 2018


Registration 2018-19

December 20, 2017

Gan Registration for next year has begun.  An initial meeting will take place this Friday, December 23 at 10 AM at our Chopin 3 location, during which time one can observe the gan in action and learn about the program for next year, followed by – for those interested – a tour of our new building a short walk/drive away.  To express your interest, whether or not you can attend this initial meeting, e-mail shirhadash613@gmail.com.

Gan Shir Hadash is on the move

July 13, 2017

Beginning this September, Gan Shir Hadash will meet in the same facilities as our Synagogue and Adult Education Center located at Chopin #3.  This move is temporary until the gan moves to its permanent new home now being built next to the Chorshat HaYare’ach, just a few hundred  meters away from our Chopin location.

Gan Registration

January 14, 2016

Gan Registration for 2015-2016 begins Friday, January 15th and runs through February 1st.  If interested in reserving your child’s space, or receiving more information in general, be in touch with Gan Administrator Naomi Churchill at shirhadash.office@gmail.com.

chagit’s chug

June 23, 2008

chagit’s chug, originally uploaded by shir_hadash.

yard time

June 23, 2008

yard time, originally uploaded by shir_hadash.